Name: The Round Corner House
Construction date: 01-12-2019
Location: Kollad, kottayam, kerala
Build Up Area: 2700 sqft sqm

This design is an outcome of the constraints of context. The 10 cents (4047 m2) property with no vegetation has roads on three sides making it naked. Hence the design demands privacy. There are two motorable roads on the south and west side and a lane on the north side. The properties on the eastern sides are lower and that on the western side of the road is higher with lots of tall trees towards the site.

Relatively a very simple plan. The bedrooms are placed on the south east and south west along the wind direction and kitchen on the north east, these two are connected by the double height living dinning space open to the double height courtyards open to sky on the east and west sides. These double height courtyards have pergola on the top in the north south direction for protection from the sun. During monsoon we can feel the rain inside the courtyards. The exterior exposed jaali wall of the courtyards give ample cross ventilation into the house from west to east.

It is the outer skin exposed brick jaali wall which gives character andbrings privacy to the otherwise naked site. The terraces over kitchen and over the first floor roof are landscaped with fruit yielding dwarf trees, vegetable garden and turfing (turfing will start during monsoon). This reduces the air conditioning load. A 2KW solar power is also installed. There is a 15000 litter capacity rainwater harvesting tank below the car porch. The glass canopy of the car porch is supported on a cantilevered concrete beam. The counter weight of this cantilevered beam is a suspend concrete cylinder which is another distinct character of the exterior expression. The exposed brick jaali perimeter wall with a flowerbed on top also leads in air and wind.

The terracotta tiles flooring, rose wood and cane furnishing, cane and brass lampshades, the bamboo window blinds, white painted gypsum plastered wall, all adds up to enhance the tropical character and ambiance of the Round Corner House.