Construction date: 13-03-2014
Location: Kumarakom
Build Up Area: 6045 sqm sqm

Concept: The natural beauty of the lake and the surroundings has been considered the focus of the design. As one enters the resort, the picturesque lake against the horizon and vegetation is all that can be seen or noticed.

"It is about the feel of a space as a whole than the awareness of the built form as a separate entity" In the architect's words.

The architecture that is set amongst the scenic backdrop catches the eye of the observer only once the person reaches the far end of the resort by the lake and turns back.

The site is trapezoidal shaped and narrows towards the back .The front elevation of the house is curved so that more mass of the house is exposed from the entrance.

Aveda Resort Garden
Aveda Resort Reading Area Night View
Aveda Resort Swimming Pool Night View
Aveda Resort Swimming Pool with Full View
Aveda Resort Cottage View
Aveda Resort Swimming Pool
Aveda Resort Swimming Pool with Cottage
Aveda Resort Bed Room
Aveda Resort Single Cottage
Aveda Resort Reading Area