Construction date: 13-02-2006
Location: Koovapally
Build Up Area: 209 sqm sqm

 The client is a Malayalam travelogue writer and a Malayalam professor with a very limited budget. The site is an agricultural land in a very remote village where there is scarcity of water in peak summer. Due to the lack of a contour survey plan, several visits to the house was necessary. These visits lead to several observations and understanding of the site which were: the rock formation, the “kayyala” (boundary wall), the trees on the west the farmers work shed, rabbit grass etc. The rock was blasted and was used for the external walls. The blasted quarry was converted to a rainwater harvesting pond. The internal walls were made with stabilized interlocked bricks. RCC filler slab was used for the roof, with used MP tiles. Coconut trunk rafters and used mp tiles were used for the sloping roof. Local “kayyala” technology was used for the external rubble walls, ferro-cement “azhi” (trellis) was used for the common areas for the purpose of good ventilation. Rubber ply was used for the entire interior.

Awards: Archi design award 2009 for best sustainable architecture

             CIDC Vishwakarma award 2011 for eco friendly budget house

             JK white state architect of the year 2008

            Nominated for the 11th cycle of agakhan award for architecture for the year 2010